EasyVEC® range

For better indoor air quality

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The units of the EasyVEC® range are easy to select, install, set-up, maintain and integrate. They deliver constantly-renewed indoor air.

EasyVEC ® C4

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EasyVEC ®

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Selector poWair

Air exhaust fan selection software

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  • Easy to select
    A unique and complete range as well as expert trade software (Conceptor Ventilation design app, Selector poWair®) to help you choose and design simply.
  • Easy to install
    Smart installation systems and duct connection configurations that can be adapted on site according to requirements.
  • Easy to set-up
    More intuitive, simple and precise configuration with the EasyVEC® remote control
  • Easy to maintain
    No reasons to make errors. Access is via the front panel for intuitive and simplified installation and maintenance.
  • Easy to integrate
    With components from Aldes solutions: air inlets, terminals, grilles, diffusers, ducts and ductwork fittings, etc.
  • *
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*Acoustic insulation (optionnal)
**Up to 80% energy savings between the standard and microwatt + range
*** In accordance with eco design regulation 1253/2014.

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The EasyVEC® range offers a wide span of airflow settings (from 300 to 20,000 m³/h), standard to very low energy consumption performance (micro-watt +), intelligent installation solutions and configuration options. The range of products is easily integrated into any residential or commercial air exhaust ventilation project.


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