EasyVEC® Compact micro-watt + 2000

• EC Motor, very low consumption. • Simple and intuitive remote control, always close to hand thanks to its cable and magnetic holder. • 4 regulation modes available: regulated pressure (to fit to the proper energy requirements of the installation), constant pressure, constant airflow or 0-10V via an external sensor. • On-site duct connection configurations modularity: - arrangement 1: 1 suction connection and 1 discharge connection (factory settings: 1 suction and one in-line discharge) ; - arrangement 2: 2 suction connections and 1 free discharge (factory settings: 2 lateral suctions and 1 vertical discharge) ; - arrangement 3: 3 suction connections and 1 free discharge (factory settings: 3 suctions and one vertical discharge). • Direct drive backward curved impeller to improve energy efficiency and minimise size. • Built-in proximity switch. • Galvanised steel casing. • A wide range of options and accessories: double panel acoustic insulation with a 25mm rock wool sheet, vibration-absorbent feet, Modbus, pressure switch, Epoxy protection, etc. • Made in France.